Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goth Challenge, Day 21

Day 21 – What body mod do you have or have you considered?

For some reason, people are often surprised to find out that other than normal pierced ears, I have no body modifications.

I have considered several, but for various reasons, never got them done.

I would like to get some tattoos. I just never seem to have the money for one. Yes, I probably should have gotten my ink before having kids, but I wasn't ready. As a teen, I worked in a nursing home. I saw many World War II veterans with their old India blue tattoos that have since turned into disfigured blue blobs on their flaccid skin. I just couldn't wrap my mind around getting a tattoo for fear of what it would look like when I'm old. Now, I'm not so concerned with that - especially since removal techniques keep improving. I'm sure that if I got a tattoo now, and in 30 years decide I don't like how it's aging, there will be improved technology to remove it.

My little girl wanted to get me a tattoo of bats and the moon for my birthday last year. She knew that's what I wanted. It was such a sweet gesture. Yes, I want a moon with bats tattooed on my back. And one day, I will have this done. Just not any time soon. Perhaps after we are done paying for child care.

I've also considered several piercings. I first thought of a small nose piercing. But I decided that would be too much with my glasses (I will not switch to contacts - I tried, and hated it). And I've considered nipple piercings. I think they are lovely, and they could be lots of fun. But I'm concerned about healing and whether they will be obvious under work clothes... I still may do this, but haven't fully decided.

Other than those, I am not really interested in other body modifications. Stretched ears look nice on some people, but it's not for me. Same with other piercings. I'm not into the more extreme modifications. I just don't find them appealing in any way.

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  1. You know if you want a tattoo really bad you don't asked you all these questions. When you are old, your skin is flaccid anyways, tatto or not and the beauty of your body didn't preoccup you anymore but left you some nice memories, like a book (skin or paper it's the same) For the nose pierced, I wear glasses and a have a ring in my nose and it's really nice. And about the nipples it's ok for the healing if you wear cotton bras for a while and you don't noticed it under your clothes ! Only solutions comes when you really want